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Holistic Healing Arts

Holistic healing means an approach to healing which recognizes that the person is more than just the physical body.

Request a Healing Arts Session

Request a Healing Arts Session

Holistic means an approach which recognizes that the person is more than just the physical body….

Being holistic also implies understanding that there are physical, energetic, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies or aspects to the individual, and that they are interdependent of each other and of the surrounding environment.

It also understands that the root and/or manifestation of any disease or imbalance may express itself more predominantly in one body and not so apparently in another. This appreciation is relative to the sensitivity of the person.

Although any disease may be treated by affecting primarily any of the bodies, in certain cases some specific therapies or healing modalities may be more efficient than others. This depends on the individual and the specific pattern of imbalance.

The individual does not have to believe whether the therapy will work or not, but the level of openness and understanding facilitate the adaptation to a new pattern and ultimately the process of transformation.

We work closely with trusted experts in the field to assess and provide each patients’ needs as special and unique. We offer individual sessions or discount packages, which can be customized for every person. This approach to well being is effective for restoring health as well as for preventing dis-ease.

If you are unsure which approach is best for you or if you don’t know where to start, please call us (305) 944-0080 or email us [email protected].

Happy Healing!

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