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Ayama Yoga provides knowledgeable staff for educational corporate wellness classes on-site or at our location.

Each day long program of activities is customized for your group dynamic that will facilitate communication, relaxation and mindful interaction. These activities build trust, higher levels of job satisfaction and commitment, and a happier work place. Cost depends on the location and length of classes, content and number of participants.

From multi-level accessible yoga classes with experienced instructors, to motivational and team-building exercises with life coaches, to educational and fun cooking classes with professional chefs and nutritionists, our Corporate Wellness programs are tailored to meet the needs of the employees.  No prior knowledge or practice of yoga is necessary.

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Yoga Program 

Ranging from slow and meditative to energizing and active this hands-on class will teach the fundamentals of yoga (including basic postures, alignment, adaptations, breathing exercises and meditation) through this practice your team will enjoy uplifting their senses as a collective.

Corporate Wellness, Yoga

Team Building

Add a program of activities customized for your group dynamic, you will be taken through a series of trust, confidence & teambuilding exercises tailored to build camaraderie & bond your team.

Corporate Wellness, Team Building


The group will have fun bonding through a lively, interactive cooking demonstration. With upbeat background music playing in the background, this group cooking class will bring people together in a unique and exciting way. Followed by a delicious meal of your own creation.

Corporate Wellness, Nutrition

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