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Yogic Breathing is the art of breath control. The goal of pranayama or Yogic Breathing is to remove the energetic obstacle that impede the free flow of Prana or energy in the body. Of course immense physical and physiological, mental and emotional, as well as spiritual benefits are derived from that, for the balancing and expansion of the energy body results on the balancing and expansion of the totality of the self.


Transformational Breathing utilizes a specific breathing pattern that clears past repressed traumas, revitalizes the physical, and transforms emotional and mental traumas on the cellular level. Maximum physical and emotional benefits along with expanded states of awareness are the natural products of increased oxygenation that Transformational Breathing brings.

The result is more energy and increased brain function that leads to more enjoyable mental and emotional states. Higher frequency energies created by the breath entrains (changes) the lower frequency energy patterns stored in body and subconscious. This process results in permanent transformation of pain and denser energies in the system and enhanced feelings of clarity and lightness.
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