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Great class; Kristina is an awesome instructor who guides you thru all the poses and provides adjustments.

Our members love finding balance with Yojo Yoga’s classes right in our workspaces.

I arrived at Amaya Yoga in pain and immensely frustrated. I tore my hip labrum nearly 7 years ago. Over time nobody had been able to help me regain range of motion and eliminate the constant, throbbing, debilitating pain.

Then I met Mano. Wow. His spirit is bright and his healing abilities epic. He is not just highly trained but has a deeply ingrained instinct for healing. People like Mano are put on this planet to help people and I am grateful to have found him. Not only am I better and mostly pain free (woo hoo!) but I am once again able to participate in the life-affirming and enriching practice of yoga.

My body and soul thank you.

Patty is a very knowledgeable, caring and inspiring yoga teacher who with her background, as an architect, leads her students safely through principles of alignment and heart warming themes to the pinnacle pose of each of her classes. This way giving us the opportunity to fully explore, experience freedom, happiness in our practice which is the purpose of doing yoga. She deeply inspires me with her knowledge and continued education which make her classes unique and wonderful. With gratitude for her presence in my life.

Amazing flying yoga. Especially if is your first time.

The best therapy for the mind, body, and soul! I love it! I look forward to Bea’s class all week!

Thanks Ayama Yoga instructors Maria Paula & Patty for being so kind and supportive of a beginner like myself in your class this morning. It was a great experience and I still feel the healing energy hours later in the day! Looking forward to my next class, thanks again!” – Saturday 9:30am

I’ve been practicing Yoga for almost a year and I can feel the big difference in both my mind and body. My experience at Ayama is one of a kind, every time I enter the studio everything that’s in my mind stays outside and my entire body fills with harmony and peace. It is very easy to get this feeling when you enter the studio because of the beautiful and spiritual place the owners have created, all surrounded with candles and good vibes. I’ve had classes with almost every one of the instructors and each one of them has his unique way of teaching, however all of them do it with great compassion.

I had been a Yoga teacher for many years before I met Mano, but my practice really started to get CONSCIOUS when I met him. I have taken both his TT level 1 and level 2 and have practiced continuously with him for over 5 years and he continues to be a source of inspiration in my practice. I am very grateful!

I have been a yogini for 10 yrs and I have practiced at the Ayama for 7. Ayama has allowed me to explore unknown parts of myself that I didn’t even know existed. As my practice continues to evolve, Ayama has always been considered my personal healing sanctuary. Thank you all for touching my life!! Namaste

One of the best teachers in Miami! She is great. Miriam incorporated the spiritual and meditative aspects in her class. She always comfortably explains the technical side of each asana. That’s truly amazing. Her class is equally good for all levels, trust me!

I have been taking Patty’s Tuesday night class for over a year now. She is an amazing teacher. It is clear that a lot of time and thought is put into the preparation of each class because they are all different enough to keep it interesting yet she never wavers from the core principles. Her knowledge and passion for teaching is an inspiration to everyone in the class. She makes you want to do better. She pays attention to every detail, including the music selection to accompany each class. The studio is a beautiful, open space which adds to the joy of taking her class. I look forward to Tuesday night because of Patty. She is truly a gifted teacher.

I have practiced for years, and not found a yoga instructor like Mano, with such a varied array of asanas & unusual sequence pattern, plus offering pranayama intermittently.
His quiet & humble teaching style & music, with keen attention to detail (when we think he doesn’t notice) and humor, make him unique.
Ayama’s studio is like a womb of nourishment for both body & soul. Thank you so much for creating a wonderful place to practice this amazing ritual to share and bring community together. Ayama Yoga Center is soon to be the best in Miami.

Yoga TT with Mano was a life-changing experience. I was blessed with the opportunity to study with a teacher who has a unique, delicate balance of attention to the pursuit of yoga on a scholarly level with beautiful communication of the artistry that is yoga. As a psychotherapist by profession, I am able to utilize most everything I learned in theory in my practice; and as a yoga student and now teacher, I appreciate what makes Mano’s style unique, multi-dimensional (literally), and so enjoyable.

After having been taking Mano’s classes for years I finally committed to the TT. A main reason was to understand Mano’s unique sequencing technique. What I didn’t know was that the training was going to blow my mind. Subjects were covered on a very deep level allowing me to develop the a comfort zone to start sharing the knowledge. Mano’s training is not a traditional one, but it definitively is personalized, extremely interesting, highly challenging and enriching as well as an extraordinary experience that provides you the tools to keep exploring the Self

Patty is an excellent teacher. Her exquisite sequencing and precise alignment instruction make her one of the best teachers around. Her classes are fun and inspiring, suitable for any level of yogi. She is an insightful and caring teacher, who pays close attention to each and every one of her students.

I have been practicing yoga for about 12 years. Ayama Yoga Studio peaked my interest with its wonderful instructors. Each one brings something different and unique which enables me to experience a well rounded practice. My yoga experience has enriched my life in many ways. It has taught me to be present, to accept my limitations, to be grateful, to be comfortable and pain-free, and also how to be still and calm. I hope to keep growing with Ayama indefinitely.

Ayama’s convenient location, high ceilings and soothing design makes it a natural destination in my weekly routine
Patty’s alignment based classes, Tues at 6:15pm, with clear themes and beautiful language are an “inspirational journey” for my Tuesday evenings.  It is a great way to focus your week on what really matters.

I was looking for a yoga place in Aventura with no success, until someone mentioned Ayama. I have found love and compassion and very interesting and excellent teachers. Each teacher has a different style of teaching and practice, which at the time makes my practice richer and challenging. Yoga is not only about the physical exercise, it’s a mental and spiritual challenge. I find all that at Ayama and I’m very thankful.

Teacher Training with Mano is an out of this world experience. I took the training with a Yoga Alliance Certificate already, and I never thought I would learn what I learned, it’s not only made me a better Yoga Teacher and a better Yogini it has made me a better human being at all levels: physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. I feel better in my own skin and with the people around me because of it, I never would have imagined that something could enrich my life, fill my heart, and open my mind, the way his training did.

I love coming to Maria Paula’s class.  I look forward to it all week.  It is refreshing and a great start to my Saturday morning.  Ommm!

As a teacher myself, I tend to be disappointed with superficial practices! I love Miriam’s style! Physically Challenging yet deeply spiritual!!!

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