Times of Transition

Ancient energy centers of the Earth, responsible for the evolution of certain teachings, are being deactivated and their energies transferred to other regions of the planet. This and other [...]

Seeds of Consciousness

I always had an interest for things hidden to the naked eye. I was always curious about the meaning behind the symbols and the essence behind the spiritual ceremonies.  I searched for alchemy [...]

Any Time is a Good Time

Yoga does a body good.  Which is why the month of September is National Yoga Month (a national observance designated by the Department of Health & Human Services) designed to educate people [...]

Yoga for Peace of Body and Mind

Yoga for Peace and Mind After weeks of backbends and headstands, the effects of yoga on the body become apparent. Less evident to the naked eye, is the magic yoga does for our mental and [...]


I reflected for one complete year on compassion and the revision of old thoughts lead to the creation of new ones. 2014 will be a reflection on happiness, and I think His Holiness the Dalai Lama, [...]

Here & Now – Part 7

Being in the here & now is a concept easily understood by the mind, however the experience of it is quite never grasped, because it is not a moment or a place, but rather a gateway into our [...]

Here & Now – Part 6

When the here & now is uncomfortable, it is called “practice,” when the here and now is comfortable, it is called “home.”

Here & Now – Part 5

Out of infinite possibilities, out of limitless choices for different realities, people, places and things that we could connect with on any given moment in time and space as explained by quantum [...]

Here & Now – Part 4

Not sure what could be more powerful than the ability to be in absolute stillness, doing nothing, not reacting to anything, while being absolutly present, clear, conscious and aware of what is, [...]

Here & Now – Part 3

Can’t access the here and now without accepting what is, whether you like it or not. Accepting doesn’t mean liking what you don’t, it just means surrender to the state of things [...]

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