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The Yogi Within

Take a deep breath. Hold. Let it go. Forget the idea that Yoga is for the flexible and more athletic, there are hundreds of styles and levels to help reveal the Yogi Within. Take the first step toward developing a new healthy habit by exploring a style of Yoga that ‘bends’ to your needs and lifestyle.

Vinyasa Yoga, or “flow yoga,” synchronizes movement to the breath. This style’s strength is in diversity in yoga experience levels. For a beginner, sun salutations and easing in to one’s position are common. For the more advanced Yogi, faster and more intricate stretches are incorporated into the class.

Hatha Yoga takes a low-impact, more restorative approach. This method “pairs the opposites” and focuses on postures to offer a more therapeutic yoga approach, promoting flexibility, balance and relaxation.

Flying Yoga classes are designed to increase one’s overall health and physical agility – while having fun! By incorporating traditional yoga with the physical training of an aerialist, Yogis learn to soar through their yoga workout. Flying yoga offers an additional level of freedom and creativity, and really opens the opportunity to stretch your body fully.

Kundalini Yoga uses sound, breath and posture to develop spiritual awareness. This school of yoga focuses on awakening kundalini energy though regular practice of meditation, dynamic breathing techniques, chanting mantra and yoga asana. This is excellent the beginner or experienced yogi looking to discover their soul, versus their physical resistance.

There is no single philosophy, rulebook, or sequence that a yoga journey must follow. To find your inner Yogi, explore classes you enjoy and instructors you can relate to. With guidance of an instructor, one can enhance their health and wellbeing whilst making a spiritual connection through the art of Yoga. Begin your journey today.




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