This class makes yoga practice more accessible to the community by offering students the possibility of paying by donation, cash only.Β  (MIN $10 donation) The energy of the class is flowing and [...]


Basic level class geared to introduce the foundation of the Asana practice. Class is dynamic but not too challenging. Starting with nice warm-ups, sequences are creative and intelligently [...]


Dharma or Drama? Meditation for a better life Meditation is not a spontaneous realization. It is more like writing or doing math: it requires practice, patience and perseverance. I invite you to [...]


Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic, creative and energizing form of yoga. It is especially suited to the needs of busy people who want to stay calm, bright, and centered in a high-energy world. This [...]


Hatha yoga is a low-impact exercise for the body and mind. It combines different “Asanas” or postures with a deep breathing technique called “Pranayama” to promote [...]

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