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Patricia Mendez

I am a Certified Breath work and Meditation teacher as well as a certified 200 Hour Yoga Instructor. My journey into wellness started 5 years ago. In 2020 I certified as an Asana Yoga Teacher and since then, yoga has become an integral part of my daily life. 2022 took me inward where I decided to lead yoga internally and I certified as a Breath and Meditation Teacher. I opened up to an expansive world through the power of my breath and discipline of the mind. My personal practice rotates around Kundalini Kriya Yoga. Doing Sadhana everyday for 2 years now, I believe wholeheartedly that this practice can enhance, heal, and invigorate every aspect of your life. My calling has lead me to guide my clients into a inner journey using the most powerful tool we have, our breath and devotion. Inviting you to explore your inner waters, become the alchemist of your life, and thus so, create Heaven on Earth.


TUE: 7:30 – 8:45 pm Kundalini Kriya (Open Level)


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