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Patricia Mendez

In 2020, I was certified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher, and since then, yoga has become an integral part of my daily life. In 2022, I turned inward and decided to get certified as a Breathwork and Meditation Teacher. Through the power of my breath and the discipline of my mind, I was opened up to an expansive world. For many years, my personal daily practice has been Kundalini Kriya Yoga. I believe wholeheartedly that this type of yoga technology can enhance, heal, and invigorate every aspect of your life. My calling has led me to guide my students on an inner journey using the most powerful tools we have: our breath and devotion. I invite you to explore your inner waters, become the alchemist of your life, and create Heaven on Earth within yourself.


WED:11:30 am – 12:30 pmKundalini Kriya (Open Level)
SUN:11:30 am – 12:30 pmBreathing & Meditation (Open Level)


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