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The Experience Of Yoga

The Experience of Yoga

Breath in. Breath out, forward bend, jump back…

We follow every instruction with attention and care. We think every movement of our body. We scan the position of our hands, the alignment of our feet, the tightness of the belly muscles. But, are we missing something important?

During a yoga class (and it also applies to our life) the most important thing, is to get out of our mind and land in the experience. The experience of the mechanical movements that we have already done many, many times, the experience of the breath, the experience of the emotions that the movement is unlocking and bursting up in the brew of our existence.

When I talk about experience, I talk about mindful awareness. Yeah, I know…


What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the observation with non-judgement and non-classification of every thought we have, of every thing we see, hear, touch, smell and taste. And awareness? It is the full attention on the present moment.  As Ram Das says “Be here now”.

Be in class with you: your significant other, food shopping, the kids at home, your friend on the phone, work and all other things have their space, and it is not now, because now, you are immerse in your yoga practice. Now is when you are self-centered in yoga time, fully present in the experience you are having now.  You will have, not only a much more intense experience, but you’ll be dealing with emotions that you have overviewed, ignored and are stuck somewhere in your body. And that, it’s really good: asanas are a tool in your spiritual journey… as long as you are present in your mat.

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