• It is advised to practice yoga on an empty stomach. Avoid eating anything heavy or drinking too much water 1-3 hours before class. If possible avoid drinking water during class.
  • End any phone conversations prior to entering the studio and turn cellphones off or to silent to ensure it does not go off during class. Do not take your phone with you to your mat, keep it with your other belongings.
  • Remove shoes at the front door and leave them at the shoe stand to keep the floors clean for yourself and others.
  • Doors will be opened 15 minutes prior to the start of class and students are welcome to set up their mats if the room is available.
  • Please keep conversations low when you arrive as class may be going on, once you enter the room we ask that you observe noble silence as other students may be relaxing or meditating.
  • Students are encouraged to pre-register for classes online and arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts. Check-in at the desk before going into the practice room.
  • If you arrive just as class is beginning, the door may be locked until the centering portion of class is finished. Once the teacher lets you in please enter quietly and find a place in the back of the class.Β Late arrivals can be disruptive and might not be accommodated.
  • Self-awareness leads to attention to detail and to the respect for the space and people around you so please keep the studio nice by replacing props and borrowed mats neatly.
  • If you have any injuries or medical conditions arrive speak to the teacher before the class so that they may make suggestions to make your practice safer and more enjoyable.
  • Bring your own yoga mat to class for hygienic and energetic reasons. Prices for rental mats are $5 per use and mat cleaner is supplied for you to wipe the mat after class. Towels are also rented for $1 if you perspire.
  • As a common courtesy, please do not attend classes if you are sick.