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As COVID-19 spreads local yoga studio's are hurting too.  Please help Ayama Yoga Center during this difficult time by purchasing a Gift Card.

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Our Offerings


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  • Ways to identify stress signals and indicators
  • Posture improvement for tension management
  • Strength building for greater resistance to stress
  • Techniques for the workplace designed to alleviate tension before it builds into stress
  • Safe exercises (designed over 2,500 years ago) that bring more energy to the body
  • Breathing techniques that support healthy “Mood Management”


Widely practiced for health and relaxation, Yoga uses postures that calm and unify mind, body and spirit, grounding and centering the individual in the present moment. Companies and employees will be equipped with effective tools and practices that best help relieve stress and improve overall wellbeing.



Meditation helps employees gain renewed clarity and attention by steadying the mind and giving it a single-task orientation. Regular practice helps keep individuals remain in the present moment, encouraging and promoting greater focus, increased productivity and immediate stress relief.



Single-pointed focus has proven to be more productive that multi-tasting. A consistent practice of mindfulness will recenter attention to the present moment, helping individuals to accomplish tasks more effectively and with fewer errors. This practice aids in developing heightened self awareness and emotional intelligence, bettering individuals’ abilities to manage stress both at the office and at home.



Add a program of activities customized for your group dynamic, you will be taken through a series of trust, confidence & teambuilding exercises tailored to build camaraderie & bond your team.



The group will have fun bonding through a lively, interactive cooking demonstration. With upbeat background music playing in the background, this group cooking class will bring people together in a unique and exciting way. Followed by a delicious meal of your own creation.

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