Mano (Mariano) Ardissone, B.A., E-R.Y.T. 500, D.M.Q. (China), is Founder and Director of Ayama. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Florida International University, a Master’s degree in Chinese Medical Qigong from the International Institute of Medical Qigong, and a Doctorate degree in Chinese Medical Qigong from the Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is a senior Registered Yoga Teacher (E.R.Y.T. 500), Reiki Master in the Usui lineage, and a Transformational Breathing facilitator.

    Originally from Argentina, Mano’s spiritual studies began over 20 years ago with a book, “Yoga for All” by Indra Devi and a local meditation teacher and energy healer named Ilu. Since then, Mano’s years of learning and teaching have been playfully eclectic and experiential.

    Formal studies of the many different Hatha Yoga traditions include multiple Teacher Training and In-Depth programs with different teachers and schools. “In the beginning, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga captured my attention for many years, which I started learning from Wayne Krassner. Ashtanga gave me a formal, structural and systematic framework to develop with. Later I met and studied with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Richard Freeman, and David Swenson. Main anatomy and alignment principles of Iyengar, Ida Rolf, Anusara Yoga, Yin Yoga and Ayurveda have also influenced my unfolding.”

    For the last 12 years Mano has been studying and teaching Universal Yoga developed by Ukranian Master Andrey Lappa. Universal Yoga is a scientific and systematic approach to spiritual development. It is based on the holistic understanding of the makeup up of the human being and the essential keys and principles used to affect it in search for health and balance at all layers (Maya Koshas). The goal is the expansion of the consciousness and ultimate liberation (Moksha). Universal Yoga inspires and empowers the students to be intelligent and creative leaders under the spirit of unity and freedom. “Andrey has been a blessing as a teacher and friend who has opened my mind to endless possibilities of teaching and practice.”

    Mano also studied with the following Yogis: Tias Little (Prajna Yoga), Rod Stryker (Pure Yoga), Dharma Mittra (Traditional Hatha Yoga), Manorama (Sanskrit Studies), Dr. Mohan Sarasvati (Sanskrit Studies), and others. In addition, Mano is completed four years of education in the S.R.F. Kriya Yoga tradition of Paramahansa Yogananda.

    A perpetual student, Mano teaches from deeply insp¬ired heart and mind, thereby making his practice and teaching style graceful and unique. He believes there is only ONE Yoga, different ways to go about it, and different elements that support, shape, and enhance its teaching and practice. “Technique is only but an infinitesimal part of the actual teaching… true teaching is the inevitable reflection of the vibration and of consciousness of the teacher.”
    Mano’s healing background is just as eclectic and experiential as his background in Yoga. In addition to Reiki, Medical Qigong and breath work, he also studied in Vedic Thai massage, Chinese Massage, Marma therapy, Polarity therapy, use of gems, crystals, and sound. “However of all techniques, true healing happens when a pure vehicle aligns with the Divine and channels a vibration high enough to propel and support a positive change. This process is deeply rooted in the realization, the understanding and the empowered belief of our self-created realities.”

    Mano is naturally gifted, highly intuitive, compassionate and understanding. He cares for each patient and student individually, since everyone’s constitution, needs and possibilities are different and unique. He is deeply interested in human evolution, metaphysics, the esoteric world and all that is cosmic and transcendental. Mano is available for private sessions.


    MON: 6:15pm – 7:45pm Vinyasa
    TUE: 9:30am – 11:00am Vinyasa
    THU: 9:30am – 11:00am Vinyasa
    SUN: 10:00am – 11:30am Vinyasa