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Yoga Teacher

Hi, my name is Z, short for Zi Yan. I love practicing yoga and sharing this practice with others. I became a certified yoga teacher in 2014 and have been teaching in Las Vegas, Shanghai, and now Miami.

Since yoga became a part of my life, I’ve grown a lot, both physically and mentally. I am a firm believer that yoga is for everyone. No matter what fitness background you come from, your active level, you will always find something in yoga that will suit your need and let you feel good.

Honoring Yoga being an ancient tradition, I teach from a modern anatomical approach. In my classes, I like to guide my students through demonstrating, verbal cues and hands-on adjustments as I believe it’s important to help my students find that mind-body awareness/connection. Yoga has helped me find better movement patterns and a peace of mind in life, and I hope you will find that too!

Let’s get our practice on!


TUES: 9:30AM – 11:00AM Vinyasa Yoga


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