With a background in rhythmic gymnastics and dance, yoga felt like a natural step in my life.
    I have been experiencing the benefits of yoga and practicing since 1997. After exploring different types of yoga among several great teachers: Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa-flow, Anusara found Universal Yoga to be a complete form of practicing all the assanas and pranayama through a very dynamic and fun way to connect with ourselves and transform our minds, bodies, and souls.
    Yoga has taught me a path to relieve stress, concentrate and find the inner peace in this fast- paced and demanding world. The feeling of love, awareness, strength, harmony, confidence and compassion after practicing yoga has given me the desire to share my knowledge and practice among other students.

    I hope enjoying the practice of yoga will influence your lives in a very positive way, enhancing the role of mindfulness in our lives.


    WED: 9:30am – 11:00am Power Vinyasa – level 2


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    Patrice Patty Barrocas Yoga Teacher