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UPDATE 6.28.2020:  Due to recent developments in the spread of Covid-19 and this past week’s rapidly rising number of cases, we are taking precautionary steps to ensure the safety of all Ayama students and staff. We will continue classes ONLINE ONLY for the coming week and closely monitor the situation in order to determine when we can resume in-person classes as safely as possible. We will be reassessing the situation on Friday an announcing our plans for re-opening at that time. We thank you for you understanding and look forward to seeing you on Zoom!

As we continue to adopt the best measures for preventing the spread of coronavirus, we are also working tirelessly to keep our studio open. Your support during this critical time helps us pay rent and continue to keep our local Yoga family in strong standing. Please sign up for Zoom classes as often as you are able to or donate to the studio by clicking here. We are eternally grateful for the support we have received thus far and we hope to be a beacon of light in the community for years to come. It wouldn’t be possible without you!


TUE: 8:00-9:15pm Vinyasa
WED: 8:00-9:00pm Aerial
THU: 8:00-9:15pm Vinyasa

Kristina Gertser, E-RYT 500

Kristina Gertser was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine.  When she was 6 years old her family immigrated to NY where they lived for 10 years before moving down to Miami, FL. She is fluent in both Russian and English.

Kristina took her first Yoga class in South Beach at the Bhakti House, almost 10 years ago.  It was a house rented by Yogi’s to live, share and practice Yoga in.  Air heavy with incense, candlelit and with mantras playing in the background it was like no other place she had ever been.  After class, as she lay in Savasana for the first time, she already knew she wanted to become a Yoga teacher.  Despite living in North Miami and not owning a car at the time she took the bus almost every week to take classes with the different instructors who taught at the house.

2 years later Kristina enrolled in Ayama Yoga’s 200hr Foundational Yoga Teacher Training with Mariano Ardissone.  She didn’t know what to expect.  Prior to this training her brushes with Yoga had been purely superficial, focusing on the external practice.  The training opened her mind to the many layers of Yoga and of the human being.  Soon after graduating in 2012, throwing caution to the wind she followed her heart and quit her job as an LPN to teach Yoga.  She felt as a nurse she was only treating her patients external symptoms, not the underlying dis-ease causing them.  But through Yoga she could shed a light on the root cause of the problem and empower her students to heal and transform themselves.

A few months after Kristina completed her first Yoga Teacher Training, Ayama hosted Kerry Tice from CircuSoul Yoga (Sarasota, FL) for a weekend Aerial Yoga workshops.  At this time Kristina was working at Ayama as a Karma Yogi (a person who volunteers their time at a studio in exchange for free classes).  She happened to be working at the front desk that weekend signing in the workshop.  She hadn’t planned to attend but when a spot opened up due to a last minute cancellation, she decided to jump in.  It was love at first class again and Kristina decided this was something she wanted to share with others.

It didn’t take years to manifest this time, the very next weekend Kerry was starting an Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in his studio.  Kristina drove to Sarasota for training once a month for 5 months, learning modifications of traditional Yoga poses using a special hammock as a prop, the therapeutic benefits of inversions for the spine and all body systems, and tips and trick to keep classes fun and safe.

Ayama was one of the first studio’s to begin offering Aerial Yoga in South Miami 6 years ago and is one of the few studio’s that continues to do so today.  Kristina teaches an introductory Aerial Yoga class Saturday’s at 11:30am and an intermediate Aerial Yoga class Wednesday’s at 8pm.

In 2015, Kristina completed 2 more Yoga Teacher Trainings.  First, a 200hr Teacher Training with Andrey Lappa.  Andrey is one of the most influential masters and professional teachers of Yoga in all of the ex-soviet territories and the founder of Universal Yoga.  The second training was a 300hr Teacher Training with Ruslan Kleytman making her a RYT-500.  Ruslan, a student of Andrey Lappa as well, teaches his own unique style called Akhila Yoga at Ayama Tuesdays at 9:30am.

Kristina currently teaches Yoga full time and manages Ayama Yoga Center.  She teaches intermediate Vinyasa classes Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm and a Slow Flow class Fridays at 9:30am.  Her classes follow Ayama’s unique sequencing principles for a balanced and complete class that is creative and challenging.  Kristina also teaches Anatomy for Yoga Teachers, Diet and Yogic Phylosophy in Ayama’s Foundational Teacher Trainings.

In November 2019 Kristina plans to begin studying Yoga’s sister science Ayurveda, one of the world oldest Holistic healing systems which originated in India more than 3,000 year ago.

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