Medical Qigong is an ancient Chinese energetic healing modality. It is viewed as complementary and alternative medicine, a system of wellness that treats patients holistically. It understands that human beings are a manifestation of their genes, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and spiritual conditioning. For this reason, Medical Qigong treats every person, every disease, and every symptom as unique to the individual.

This form of energy healing addresses the root pattern of an imbalance and corrects it by re-establishing the healthy flow of Qi in the body. Qi is our vital life force energy, which permeates and environs all living beings. Imbalances and blockages in our body’s Qi flow, called Qi deviations, may be caused by various reason, such as poor nutrition, suppressed emotions, sedentary or stressful lifestyles, traumatic events, external environmental factor, accidents, etc.

Qigong therapy strengthens the internal organs and supports the healthy functioning of all the bodily systems. It relieves pain, calms the mind, increases blood circulation, promotes detoxification, regulates hormones, purifies and strengthens the nervous and immune systems, supports healthy musculoskeletal, digestive and respiratory functions. It is effective for treating both chronic and acute disorders.

In a Medical Qigong session, the therapist aids in regulating the patient’s Qi. As a post treatment, the client may be given Qigong homework prescription exercises that utilize specific physical movements and breathing techniques to restore function throughout the body. The patient may also receive additional personal observations and instructions to support his or her continuing healing.

Medical Qigong has been applied in China for thousands of years by Qigong Masters at the emperor’s request and as part of the folk healing arts. Most recently, it has been officialized by Chinese Universities with Doctorate degrees and by hospitals and other governmental institutions with entire departments dedicated to successfully complement the treatment of diseases. Medical Qigong is one of the 4 main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), along with Acupuncture, Herbology, and Tuina (Chinese medical massage).

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