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Soulful Talks

Soulful Talks

Soulful Talks is not just a class, it’s a transformative journey to authenticity. The mission is to empower individuals to live with clarity, purpose, and unshakeable authenticity. Join Soulful Talks to discover your truest, most authentic self.

“If you’re looking for inspiration and motivation on topics related to self-discovery, building a new you, rebuilding your life, and spirituality, then you’ve come to the
right place. Ann Real, an author and addiction recovery professional, invites you to join her on a journey of self-exploration and practical wisdom.

Each week, Ann covers different educational topics that are not just informative but transformative. During her talks, Ann expertly merges science and offers evidence-based solutions that help individuals live more authentically and purposefully.

Whether you’re seeking guidance or just want to participate in a meaningful discussion, Ann welcomes you to come to join the talk, ask questions, share your
thoughts, and be a part of the Soul Full Talk community.”

Sample topics include:

  • Assertiveness with Grace: Mastering the Art of Setting Boundaries
  • Foggy to Focused: Creating a Life Plan Based on Your Core Values
  • Emotional Mastery: Overcoming Your Top 3 Challenging Emotions
  • From Dreaming to Doing: Creating an Action Plan for Your Big Dreams
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