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Akhila Yoga

Akhila Yoga

Akhila Yoga

The Akhila Yoga Method is a systematic approach to spiritual evolution based on the key principles of classical Yoga.

Akhila Yoga is an open, organic, ever changing, adaptive, scientific method rooted in Vedic tradion and Wisdom. All facets of practice are explored to create a holistic experience. All classical arsenal of asanas (poses), pranayamas (breath-energy work), mudras (hands, feet and body positions), bandhas (energetic locks) and meditation techniques (sense withdrawal, concentration, absorption…) are used to create a complex web of influences on conciseness to facilitate psychic – emotional state conducive to spiritual development. From class to class practice might change from dynamic to slow-meditative, strength oriented to fluid, playful to focused. Our daily goals in practice change depending on a time of day, season, mental and physical state… etc. – so does the practice. One thing in this Universe is certain – it is CHANGE. And to surf the current of life we need to change alongside with it.

Akhila YOGA encourages:

  • search for truth
  • awareness
  • self-inquiry
  • internal exploration
  • personal responsibility
  • and emphasizes peace, love, connection
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